Monday, March 28, 2011

40 and kept going....

Have I told you lately that I'm a terrible blogger???  I never seem to have down time anymore.  As a matter of fact, I'm doing this one at work on my lunch break (late lunch!).

So....I was all prepared to make a big post when I hit the "lost 40lb" mark....BUT before I could get the blog posted I had lost another 4 lbs!  Wow...I'm down 44lbs.  That's more than my co-worker's son weighs!!!!  I've lost a whole pre-schooler!  I think I'm still in a little shock by the rate at which the weight is coming off.  I know it won't last forever, but it has been dropping surprisingly fast.  Of course...I think I've been surprisingly good following the rules - both doctor's rules and self-imposed rules.  I have hosted at least 3 birthday parties at my house since my surgery and have not had even a single bite of cake.  I don't know exactly how to explain it, but having the surgery seems to have kicked in that "ah ha" moment that you always hear people talk about when they are finally able to kick those bad habits.  Again, this all could end tomorrow, but for right now I feel very satisfied with what I am able to eat. 

I received my first fill on March 17th.  I have a 10cc band and my doctor normally puts in 5cc's for the first fill, but for me he only put in 4cc's.  I guess because I had been losing at a good rate.  I'm scheduled to go back this Friday for another one, but I'm wondering if I should postpone it another week.  I'm still loosing at a good rate.  I'm eating approximately a cup of food at my meals and I haven't - so far - battled with hunger between meals.  I'm very comfortable where my band is right now.  I have the sensation of restriction when I eat something too fast or my bite is too big, but its not such that it won't pass through once I take a break.  I don't want to delay a fill because I'm "fooling" myself into thinking that things are moving along well....but I also don't want go over board with a fill either.  I guess its just going to be trial and error!

One rule that is VERY hard for me to follow is not drinking with my meals - I'm doing it, but its hard.  Part of me is wondering if that has been factoring in with my progress.  Am I cutting my meals short because I'm full or because they are slightly less satisfying without something to drink.  It usually only takes me a bite or two into the meal before I start craving a big tall glass of Crystal Light.  Any advise on how to deal with this WLS rule??

Oh before I end this post...I've been having several NSVs with my clothes.  They've been really falling off of me.  I've lost 2 pants sizes.  That is such a great feeling ladies!!!


  1. I used to drink a ton with my meals. I really don't have any advice except just to give it time. after a while you will get used to not drinking with meals. I find the slower I eat the less issue I have with it.
    If I absolutly need to have something I take the smallest sip of water just moisten things up and thats it. barely a sip at that.

  2. Good job...I'm glad it is working out.

  3. All sorts of great news!! Good job!

  4. I hate the no-drinking when eating rule, it's been the absolute HARDEST rule for me to follow. Congrats on the 44 lbs down. :)